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Concrete Texture

Buff Wash & Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The concrete finish made to be touched


Buff Wash and Exposed Aggregate concrete finishes are techniques that transform ordinary concrete into visually stunning and naturally slip-resistant surfaces. They achieve this by applying chemical retarders to the freshly poured concrete.


These chemical agents selectively slow the setting process, allowing for the controlled removal of the topmost "cream" layer by using a high-pressure washer. by doing that, the concrete exposes part of the special sand and/or gravel mix embedded in it. It provides a beautiful yet subtle and interesting finish.

Buff Wash offers a spectrum of surface textures through controlled removal of the top concrete layer. The level of exposure depends on the chemical activator applied to it:

  • Level 1: Shallow exposure reveals fine sand and small particles, creating a subtle, weathered texture.

  • Level 2: Moderate exposure balances fine and medium aggregates, resulting in a more noticeable yet refined texture.

  • Level 3: Deep exposure showcases a diverse mix of medium and large pebbles, offering a bolder, naturally textured surface.

  • Level 4: Deeper excavation unveils decorative stones and unique materials, creating a captivating and functional surface.

  • Level 5: Maximum exposure reveals the heart of the aggregate, featuring large stones and exposed bedrock for a raw, elegant look.

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